The Dangers of a DIY Spring Replacement
The Dangers of a DIY Spring Replacement
September 15, 2019
The Dangers of a DIY Spring Replacement
The Dangers of a DIY Spring Replacement
September 15, 2019

10 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door

As a homeowner, one of your responsibilities is maintaining your home. You would need to have parts of your home repaired or replaced once they wear out. You might also consider changing the overall style and feel of your home.

A garage door is a big investment for your home and although it lasts for a long time, you would still need to have it replaced at least once or twice in your lifetime. A garage door installation or garage door replacement might be necessary. There are several reasons to replace your garage door:

Why You Should Replace Your Garage Door

1. Better Security

One of the most important reasons to replace your garage door is for security purposes. Your garage door is the forefront to your home and it can pose a risk to your home and your family’s security. There have been a lot of theft and robbery cases that have been reported wherein the thieves broke into homes through the garage door. If you replace your garage door with a new one, it will be harder for thieves and robbers to enter your home because the new models are more advanced, secure, and difficult to break into. The best garage doors are also usually equipped with additional security features.

2. Reduce Energy Costs

Garages are used for different purposes. Sometimes, they are utilised and turned into an extra room. Old garage doors don’t have proper insulation compared to the new ones. If you are using your garage as an extra room, you would be able to save a lot of money on energy bills by replacing your garage door with a new one that has proper insulation and that will allow you to get the right amount of heat and cold that is comfortable for you.

3. New Look

If you want to change the look of your home, you can replace your garage door and find one that matches your preferred style or design for your home. There are various sizes, styles, and colors of garage doors from various garage door brands nowadays and if you use any of these, you can easily transform your home and make it look different and striking the way you wish it to. Whether you opt to buy a 10 foot wide garage door or a 120 x 84 garage door, it will make your neighbors and other people notice the new look on your home.

4. Increase Curb Appeal

Replacing your garage door will instantly increase the curb appeal and the value of your home because it is the first thing that onlookers and passersby notice when looking at your home. This is beneficial especially if you are planning to sell your home.

5. Safety

Aside from security, safety is of utmost importance in your home. You need to make sure that your family members are free from hazards or accidents within your home. An old garage door can cause accidents. To avoid this, replace it with a new one. There are modern garage doors with advanced features such as a sensor that would detect if a person is at the garage door so that it won’t automatically close or open while someone is there.

6. Reduce Noise

An old or faulty garage door can cause noises that are quite annoying whenever it is closed or opened. You can reduce the noice by replacing it or at least the faulty parts that are causing the noise such as the springs. A garage door that is not insulated also tends to catch all the noise from outside. Replacing it with an insulated type would definitely reduce all the noise pollution.

7. Less Maintenance

An old garage door will require you to perform maintenance often which can be quite expensive as you would need to constantly spend money for it. You can opt to replace your garage door with one that is low maintenance.

8. Safe Storage

Should you decide to turn your garage into a storage, it would be great to have the door replaced with good insulation and with barriers. It would prevent air and moisture from entering the garage and protect your properties and valuables from being damaged.

9. Repair

It’s normal for your garage door to rust and to have parts that are faulty over time and when it happens, it’s time to replace it. You don’t need to replace the whole garage door if only a few parts need to be replaced but if most parts would need to be repaired, then it’s better to replace the whole thing.

10. Additional Insurance Benefits

You might be able to get better benefits such as lower payments if you decide to replace your garage door with a new one. There are some home insurance companies that offer rewards for homes with a garage door with safety and security features.

Consider all these reasons when deciding on replacing your garage door. If you decide to replace your garage door, look for garage door repairs around your area. You can do it by asking for recommendations from people in your area or you can also type “garage door repair near me” on Google or any other search engine. For example if you live in Bel air, you can type garage door repair bel air md on your search engine.